Celebrating Diversity Above and Below the Surface


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As we celebrate Pride Month and the significance of each individual, we reiterate a lesson from our ocean: variety issues.

Scuba Diving in Marsa Alam Egypt over Coral Reef with Fish underwater in ocean
Coral reefs are a few of the most numerous ecosystems on earth.

(Bio)Variety As A Power

Within the ocean, biodiversity strengthens marine ecosystems and makes them extra resilient. Each organism — from a shark to a cleaner shrimp to microscopic phytoplankton — performs a important position. All the things works collectively to take care of the well being of the ocean.

Colin Howe, a Ph.D. candidate at Penn State College, defined this idea by means of corals. He stated, “Coral reefs are some of the productive ecosystems on the planet — due to their variety. Every particular person animal, every organism, has its position to play. All of them work collectively to profit the ecosystem and make it robust.”

Reefs survive catastrophic threats like coral bleaching occasions due to their wealthy biodiversity, Howe stated. 

Colin Howe (left) restores the biodiversity of coral reefs by means of coral restoration.

“Some corals will deal with a bleaching occasion higher than others. Some will bleach — so much will. And a few will die, however not all of them. And that’s the place variety issues,” he stated. “When an ecosystem is under threat, having totally different animals that reply in their very own distinctive approach is important so we don’t lose all the ecosystem.”

“That is resilience. That is how diversity bakes in resilience. This implies the reef will nonetheless be there regardless of this menace,” he added.

Variety Retains The Entire System Going

Amani Webber-Schultz, a Ph.D. scholar on the New Jersey Institute of Know-how, stated, “Put merely, …variety within the ocean issues as a result of ocean methods can't proceed to run with out it.” 

Webber-Schultz likened the oceanic system to a machine. “If one gear breaks, whereas the entire machine might not break, different elements start to overcompensate for what has been misplaced and ultimately break as properly,” she stated. “Should you take away variety from the ocean, the complicated techniques that run in it is going to equally break.”

Women scientists hold a shark before workup.
Individuals in MISS’ inaugural workshop with The Area Faculty assisted with analysis on the consequences of fishing on city shark populations. The Subject Faculty

What We Can Study From The Ocean

We will take these classes from the ocean into our personal lives. A variety of individuals — of skillsets, socio-economic courses, races, identities, and so forth. — turns into a power and an asset. We'd like totally different individuals with totally different views to extra absolutely perceive and remedy the large issues dealing with our ocean, like local weather change, stated Howe, who identifies as a Black/Afro-Caribbean man.

Equally compelled, Webber-Schultz and three different Black feminine shark researchers based Minorities in Shark Sciences (MISS). MISS promotes variety and inclusion in shark science, particularly for ladies of colour, as a result of “…variety in scientists creates variety in thought, which results in innovation.”

“To me, the phrase variety doesn’t simply imply variety of how individuals look on the surface. It additionally means variety of their backgrounds, careers, life, and methods of thought,” Webber-Schultz stated. “When we have now all these totally different views and backgrounds, it creates more ideas and extra methods to strategy and remedy issues.”

Annabel Gong, a grasp’s scholar on the College of San Diego and co-host of the LGBTQ+ STEM cast podcast, agrees. As a queer, Asian-American scientist, they advised PADI, “Loads of LGBTQ+ individuals assume outdoors of a binary. A binary doesn’t actually exist, and we convey that sort of considering into science. That may imply taking a look at animal conduct differently that could be missed by a straight scientist. For a homosexual scientist, it might look very pure. So inclusion brings totally different views to science.” 

Growing Variety Above The Floor

So, variety rocks. It retains us alive and makes us stronger. Are we succeeding at defending and celebrating it?

A group of black women scientists join a shark research boat
In 2021, MISS hosted a workshop with the Area Faculty in Miami to assist minorities achieve subject work expertise. The Subject Faculty

Teams like MISS are making nice strides. They hosted their inaugural workshop in 2021 for ladies and other people of colour to realize entry to shark analysis expertise. Barnacle Busters LGBTQ Scuba Membership was shaped in 1988 to create protected, various actions for homosexual women and men. Whereas the early days have been “not all the time straightforward,” the diving business has “come a great distance in the direction of inclusivity and variety,” stated dive coordinator Ralph Buck. And whereas Barnacle Busters is multi-racial, multi-gender and inclusive of everybody, “the battle is just not over,” Buck stated.

JD Reinbott, a coral conservationist, described his experiences. He stated, “Within the 5+ years I’ve been diving, I can rely the variety of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ divers that I've met on one hand. It’s virtually like encountering a uncommon animal underwater — a second of pure pleasure however then you definitely spend your subsequent hundred+ dives ready to see one thing prefer it once more.”

For Reinbott, who identifies as a cis-gender brazenly homosexual man, the expertise is usually “disheartening” as a result of “we rejoice variety in our oceans however once we floor from a dive, it typically seems like that variety stays deep down under the waves.”

Nonetheless, neither he nor any of the divers interviewed stay discouraged. Quite, they targeted on how one can encourage extra inclusivity and open dialog.

Constructing A Brighter, Extra Numerous and Inclusive Future

An LBGTQ+ dive club embarks on a dive trip.
Barnacle Busters is an LGBTQ+ scuba diving membership that arranges holidays and recreation for these within the LGBTQ+ group, household and allies. Ralph Buck / Barnacle Busters LGBTQ Scuba Membership

Listed here are some strategies: 

  • Add “who” to the combination of “the place, what gear, and what could be within the water when speaking about future dives. “Till lately we haven’t taken a step again to actually think about who's becoming a member of us on these boats and what their various backgrounds can convey to our underwater experiences however extra importantly to our lives general,” Reinbott stated.
  • Create extra areas particularly for numerous individuals to “simply exist” and not using a “highlight” on them, Gong stated. Gong needs to see these packages run by the various communities they serve. 
  • Be a part of an present group selling inclusivity like MISS or Barnacle Busters.
  • Make swimwear extra inclusive, Gong additionally instructed. “Lots of transgender, nonbinary and gender non-conforming people endure from physique dysmorphia and/or gender dysphoria. Swimsuits are very form-fitting, and that’s one thing many people wrestle with. That’s typically missed.”
  • Host a Satisfaction Dive Day, akin to PADI’s Women’s Dive Day, instructed Reinbott. Give LGBTQIA+ people, households and allies a day to have fun the sweetness and variety of the oceans collectively in a protected and enjoyable method. “I principally need to take a satisfaction parade and make it underwater (minus the ungodly quantity of glitter and single-use plastic),” Reinbott stated.
  • Dive operators and PADI Execs can record occasions that remember variety on PADI’s Conservation Activities Locator beneath Group.
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