Gray Whales – The World’s Best Places for Whale Watching and Swimming

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Grey whales are majestic and interactive creatures. When you’re in search of the most effective locations for grey whales, hold studying as we’ve acquired all the small print on the place you'll be able to go whale watching and swimming with these cetaceans.

Grey whales (Eschrichtius robustus) owe their identify to the colour of their physique. However, these whales are also referred to as devilfish, as a result of once they have been hunted, that they had a violent and aggressive response to their hunters.

Grey whales might be discovered within the Pacific Ocean, and it's recognized that grey whales can migrate greater than 6,200 miles (10,000 kilometers) from Alaska (the place they feed) to Mexico (the place they breed and provides start). They subsequently swim about 12,400 miles (20,000 kilometers) per yr!

Grey whales are also referred to as the pleasant whale. It's because they like to return very shut and rub their backs towards boats.

Thankfully, they're not killed and are probably the most fascinating “prey” throughout whale watching excursions.

gray whale watching baja california mexico

The Greatest Locations for Whale Watching

The next are the world’s greatest locations to observe grey whales of their pure habitat.

Baja California Sur, Mexico

Baja California Sur has many lovely bays that grey whales use for mating and breeding. These creatures may be noticed each contained in the Sea of Cortez and in addition within the following areas: Bahía Magdalena, San Ignacio Lagoon, Guerrero Negro and Ojo de Liebre Lagoon.

Whale watching excursions in Mexico final half a day. On these excursions, you'll take pleasure in this distinctive expertise on small boats, which let you get shut to those lovely cetaceans. A lot of the excursions within the space are a collection of two to five-day packages the place guests exit within the morning and within the afternoon every day. Deliver your digital camera and benefit from the tour!

Greatest Time: January to March

Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island, Canada

Situated within the southeast of Vancouver Island, Cowichan Bay gives the chance to see killer whales, humpback whales, grey whales and minke whales throughout a half-day tour. You may also spot dolphins and steller sea lions. When you love chook watching, you will see a terrific number of species within the space. You might also have the prospect to admire bears searching salmon.

Greatest Time: March to April

Swimming with Gray Whales

Greatest Locations for Swimming with Grey Whales

Sadly, there are not any locations the place swimming with grey whales is permitted presently.

Code of Conduct

We all the time advocate following the code of conduct whereas having fun with grey whale encounters. It’s one of the simplest ways to respect these mild giants. We additionally recommend verifying the corporate offering your whale tour is registered and has a allow to take action. Moreover, it’s greatest to make use of eco-friendly corporations. It will guarantee you've got the absolute best expertise whereas figuring out that the whales and surroundings are revered.

Common questions about Gray Whale
Photograph credit score: Elena Redaelli

Widespread Questions on Grey Whales

How Huge is a Grey Whale?

Adults can attain a size of 42 to 46 ft (13 to 14 meters).

How A lot Do Grey Whales Weigh?

These whales weigh roughly 70,000 kilos (30,000 kilograms). Females are often bigger than males.

How Lengthy is the Gestation Interval of Grey Whales?

The breeding season is between November and December. The gestation interval could be very lengthy (13.5 months), and the calves are born between December and February.

How Lengthy is the Lactation Interval of Grey Whales?

It lasts seven months. The pup, consuming about 80 gallons (300 liters) of milk per day, grows as much as a size of 27 ft (eight meters) and reaches a weight of 15,000 kilos (6,800 kilograms) throughout this era. This implies grey whales achieve greater than 13,000 kilos (6,000 kilograms) in simply seven months!

How A lot Does a Child Grey Whale Weigh at Start?

Child grey whales have a mean size of about 16 ft (5 meters) and a mean weight of about 1,100 kilos (500 kilograms).

How Lengthy Do Grey Whales Reside?

They will stay as much as 40 years.

What Do Grey Whales Eat?

In contrast to different whales which might be plankton feeders, these giant marine mammals feed on animals that stay on the seabed (backside feeders). To take action, grey whales activate their aspect and scrape the sandy backside, filtering mollusks, crustaceans and different small animals by way of their baleen.

How Typically Do Grey Whales Have to Eat?

They feed typically whereas within the chilly waters close to the poles with a purpose to accumulate fats, which they use once they attain tropical waters for the mating interval.

How Many Grey Whales Are Left within the World At present?

There are two populations of grey whales, and each stay within the Pacific. The Japanese Pacific inhabitants consists of about 24,000 people, whereas the Western Pacific inhabitants is just about 200 whales robust. The present inhabitants development is secure.

Are Grey Whales an Endangered Species?

No, their standing is “LC” (Least Concern).

How Quick Can Grey Whales Swim?

They will swim from 1 to 2.5 mph (1.6 to four kph) whereas feeding. When in peril, grey whales can swim as much as 10 to 11 mph (16 to 17.5 kph).

What Sounds Do Grey Whales Produce?

Take heed to the gray whale song.

The place Can You Discover Grey Whales?

Take a look at their home range map.


This text was written by Mario Passoni, a marine biologist concerned in a number of tasks regarding ocean conservation and schooling. Particular because of Wayne Sentman from the Oceanic Society in addition to Thalia Martinez.

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