How Deep Can You Scuba Dive?


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Many new divers are (understandably) confused about how deep you’re ‘allowed’ to dive as an Open Water Diver vs. an Superior Open Water Diver. As a intelligent teacher as soon as said, “at what depth will the scuba police pull you over?”

The utmost depth for leisure diving is 40 metres/130 ft

There's, nevertheless, an essential caveat: you must all the time dive inside the limits of your coaching and expertise. Open Water Divers* are educated to dive to a most depth of 18 metres/60 ft. 

Can Open Water Divers dive deeper than 18 metres/60 ft? Frankly, sure. There are not any scuba police on the market to cease you (though some dive operations set depth limits and should have insurance policies to discourage divers from going past these limits).

However think about this: would you drive an 18-wheeler with out correct coaching? Would you struggle a black belt or problem knowledgeable poker participant to a high-stakes recreation? We definitely hope not. 

Divers 12 and older who need to discover under 18m/60ft can enroll within the PADI® Advanced Open Water Diver course and degree up their expertise. An teacher will clarify the best way to dive under 18m/60ft – to a most depth of 40 metres/130 ft.* 

For extra expertise and coaching, enroll within the Deep Diver Specialty course. Throughout 4 dives with a PADI Teacher, you’ll achieve confidence, discover ways to handle air consumption and expertise the bodily results of deep diving.

* Divers youthful than 15 have totally different depth limitations (see part under)

Why 40 metres/130 ft? There’s a little bit of physics and physiology concerned in a full rationalization, however the brief reply is: 40 metres/130 ft is the deepest you possibly can dive with out having to carry out decompression stops in your means again to the floor. This depth restrict is also known as the “no-decompression restrict,” “NDL,” or “no-stop restrict.” It’s additionally the depth at which most divers start to really feel the consequences of fuel narcosis (aka nitrogen narcosis).

If 40 metres/130 ft is the no decompression restrict, why can we make a three-minute security cease? Put merely: as a result of it’s higher to be on the protected aspect. Sensible divers make security stops for a similar cause you put on a seatbelt or wash your palms completely. It’s a small effort that may forestall a serious drawback.

How Deep Can 10 or 11-Yr-Olds Dive?

The utmost depth for a 10 or 11-year-old diver is 12 metres/40 ft. Divers ages 10-11 should dive with a dad or mum/guardian or PADI Skilled.

How Deep Can a 12 to 14-Yr-Previous Dive?

  • The utmost depth for a 12 to 14-year-old Jr. Open Water Diver is 18 metres/60 ft.
  • After incomes a Jr. Advanced Open Water Diver certification, a diver between the ages of 12-14 can discover to a most depth of 21 metres/70 ft.
  • Divers 12-14 should dive with a licensed grownup diver.

PADI Technical Diving – Go Past

If you wish to dive deeper than 40 metres/130 ft, enroll in a Technical Diving course. A PADI tec teacher can train you:

  • Decompression procedures
  • Easy methods to use specialised fuel mixtures
  • Wreck penetration, cave and cavern diving 
  • The right way to use a rebreather, doubles and/or sidemount to increase your backside time

? Step one is the PADI Advanced Open Water course adopted by the Deep Diver and Enriched Air Nitrox specialty programs. Find a technical diving middle close to you by visiting the dive center locator, then utilizing the filter to pick TecRec Facilities.

What’s the world document for deepest dive? 
As of this text’s publication date, the deepest scuba dive anybody has created from the floor is someplace between 318-332 metres/1044-1090 ft. The freediving document is 214 metres/702 ft and the deepest saturation dive on report is 701 metres/2,300 ft. Learn extra underwater world records.

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