Marine Life Hand Signals for Underwater Communication


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With out the power to speak underwater, scuba divers are fairly adept at having complete conversations with just some hand signals — from instructions, to instructing, even plastic!

However probably the most enjoyable are marine life hand alerts, which frequently mimic look, motion, or namesakes (just like the barracuda’s stripes, the moray’s mouth, or the ‘halo’ for angelfish). Listed here are our favourites that each diver ought to study:

  • Shark: maintain the aspect of your hand towards your brow
  • Hammerhead: place your fists on both aspect of your head
  • Turtle: place one hand on prime of the opposite and rotate your thumbs
  • Manta ray: flap each of your arms such as you’re flying
  • Octopus: wiggle your downturned fingers like they’re tentacles
  • Moray eel: faucet the fingers and thumb of 1 hand collectively
  • Lobster: similar as for crab, however solely utilizing your center and index fingers
  • Crab: the identical as for moray eel, however do it with each arms turned sideways
  • Angelfish: draw a hoop (halo) form above your head together with your finger
  • Triggerfish: level and bend your index finger, just like pulling a set off
  • Jellyfish: transfer your hand whereas opening and shutting your fingers like tentacles
  • Stonefish: make a fist and place it on the palm of your different hand
  • Napoleon wrasse: maintain your closed fist towards your brow
  • Lionfish: interlock your fingers and wiggle them
  • Trumpetfish: maintain and transfer your fingers such as you’re enjoying the trumpet
  • Blue-spotted ray: use your finger to faucet random factors on the again of your different hand
  • Tuna: create a turning movement with one hand towards the opposite, as when you’re opening a tin
  • Seahorse: transfer each arms up and down such as you’re driving a pastime horse
  • Barracuda: with one hand, do a chopping movement alongside your different arm
  • Scorpionfish: like lionfish, however put your palms on prime of your head
  • Pufferfish: clasp your arms and transfer them in the direction of and away from one another
  • Dolphin: ripple and transfer your index finger to imitate the best way a dolphin swims
  • Crocodilefish: put your palms collectively, then open and shut them on the fingertips
  • Seal / sea lion: do a clapping movement with each of your arms prolonged
  • Shrimp: level your index fingers upwards on both aspect of your brow
  • Nudibranch: create a ‘v’ form together with your fingers and wiggle the ends
  • Juvenile (child): add a cradling movement earlier than the common hand sign to point a juvenile
marine life hand signals for underwater communication

In fact, there are various extra marine life hand alerts than this record alone (they usually can differ from place to individual) — share your favourites with us by tagging #PADI on social media!

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