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Informations / Training - 1 month ago

The Sensational History of Scuba Diving

Since humanity started, people have questioned what lies beneath the deep. Untouchable secrets and techniques, simply out of attain, have beckoned from the depths. Mysterious and undeniably scary, the idea of respiration underwater tantalized the...

General / News - 1 month ago

Accessibility to Scuba Diving in all Areas

In on a regular basis life we frequently hear the phrase ‘the place there’s a will there’s a method’ used to assimilate an individual’s want to realize what some might think about unimaginable. For individuals with disabilities, whether or not bo...

Informations / Training - 2 months ago

Why I’m Thankful for Diving

I typically discuss how diving saved my life.  The story begins in 2015, once I was a depressing, overworked Los Angeles lawyer. Again then, I adopted all the principles and did the whole lot “proper”. The end result was a profession and life...