The World’s Best Places for Whale Watching and Swimming with Blue Whales

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Blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus) are the most important animals which have ever existed on planet Earth! That’s why so many individuals are serious about going blue whale watching and swimming with these creatures, too.

Regardless of their measurement, this animal just isn't harmful to people, because it’s not aggressive and it has no tooth.

Certainly it possesses baleen, which is a type of an enormous filtering comb. These instruments filter gigantic quantities of water that accommodates krill (a small shrimp that's a part of the zooplankton group). The krill is retained and ingested whereas the water is expelled.

Blue whales could be solitary or reside in small teams, referred to as pods.

The Greatest Locations for Blue Whale Watching

The next are the world’s greatest locations to observe blue whales of their pure habitat. Please observe that we’ve included hyperlinks to the native PADI dive facilities under, as typically these dive facilities may even run whale watching journeys or be affiliated with an organization that does.

Saguenay – St. Lawrence Marine Park, Québec

This excellent marine park in Canada is house to 1600 marine species, amongst which stay 13 several types of whales. These embrace blue whales, humpback whales and a resident inhabitants of beluga. Skilled native guides will introduce you to the world of marine biology and cetaceans whereas accompanying you to see the marine animals that reside and feed on this uncontaminated park.

Greatest Time: June to September

Reykjavík and Húsavík, Iceland

In Iceland, whale sightings might be made all year long, however from a vacationer viewpoint, we propose you go whale watching in the summertime for higher climate circumstances. Throughout this time, you will notice giant whales such because the blue whale, minke whale and others. These whales enterprise to the icy waters of Iceland seeking meals.

Greatest Time: Might to August

Pico Island, Azores

The Azores in Portugal is an archipelago of 9 islands, all of volcanic origin. Right here you possibly can go diving, browsing, kayaking, fowl watching, paragliding and, in fact, whale watching. Big whales, like blue whales and sperm whales, in addition to pods of dolphins repeatedly go to the world. Don’t miss your probability to see blue whales throughout their annual migrations.

Greatest Time: February to March

Monterey Bay, California

With greater than 2,000 people, the blue whale inhabitants of California is the most important and healthiest on the planet. These whales are discovered right here as a result of there's a giant focus of the krill on which they feed. The researchers, who will accompany you on whale watching excursions, can determine every whale by taking an image of certainly one of its sides. This should embrace the dorsal fin, as its form is totally different from whale to whale. In November, these people start their migration to Baja California.

Greatest Time: July to October

Baja California Sur, Mexico

The Sea of Cortez is likely one of the most lovely seas on the planet. It’s often known as the “Aquarium of Mexico” due to the massive biodiversity discovered inside its confines. Between December and April, whales collect right here to provide start and breed. Native guides will accompany you on small boats, however you solely have to journey a number of hundred meters from the coast, and you'll be joined by many whales. This creates an unforgettable, half-day whale tour.

Greatest Time: January to March

blue whale watching - a blue whale swims near the surface

The Greatest Locations for Swimming with Blue Whales

The next are the perfect locations to swim with blue whales.

Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is likely one of the only a few locations on the planet the place, apart from with the ability to go blue whale watching, swimming with blue whales is allowed. Think about moving into the water with the most important animal that has ever existed! It is rather essential to depend on skilled and competent guides to take pleasure in this assembly. Be sure you keep a respectful distance from the whales.

It’s additionally potential to go whale recognizing from small airplanes in Mirissa or out of Colombo. This can be a enjoyable and distinctive expertise, supplying you with a unbelievable view of the panorama and the blue whales!

Greatest Time: March to April

San Diego, California

San Diego is a metropolis in California, close to the border with Mexico. From this location, it's potential to search for the most important animal on the earth, the blue whale. These excursions permit you to observe them from the boat and swim with them. The quantity of people that can get in shut contact with these cetaceans is restricted with a purpose to keep away from disturbing the marine giants.

Greatest Time: July to August

Code of Conduct

We all the time advocate following the code of conduct whereas having fun with blue whale watching and encounters. It’s one of the simplest ways to respect these mild giants. We additionally recommend verifying the corporate offering your whale tour is registered and has a allow to take action. Moreover, it’s greatest to make use of eco-friendly corporations. It will guarantee you have got the absolute best expertise whereas understanding that the whales and setting are revered.

Common Questions About Blue Whales

Widespread Questions About Blue Whales

How Huge is a Blue Whale?

Blue whales might be as much as 100 ft (30 meters) lengthy. That’s the equal of three faculty buses!

How A lot Do Blue Whales Weigh?

Blue whales have a most weight of about 200 tons (180,000 kilograms). Their tongues alone can weigh as a lot as an elephant!

How Lengthy is the Gestation Interval of Blue Whales?

Females give start to a calf about each three years, and the gestation interval lasts a few yr.

How Lengthy is the Lactation Interval of Blue Whales?

Maternal milk could be very nutritious and fatty. The calf can develop as much as 240 kilos (110 kilograms) per day for the primary yr of its life!

How A lot Does a Child Blue Whale Weigh at Delivery?

The pup is 23 to 26 ft (7 to eight meters) lengthy and weighs virtually three tons (2,700 kilograms).

How Lengthy Do Blue Whales Reside?

They will stay as much as 90 years.

What Do Blue Whales Eat?

Blue whales feed on zooplankton (particularly krill). It’s believed that blue whales can eat as much as four tons (three,600 kilograms) of krill a day!

How Typically Do Blue Whales Have to Eat?

As typically as potential through the fats accumulation season. This permits these whales to face lengthy migrations by means of food-scarce waters.

How Many Blue Whales Are Left within the World At present?

Sadly, it’s troublesome to know the exact variety of people alive, however it's considered between 10,000 and 25,000. Of those, round 2,800 could be discovered alongside the coast of California, which is the most important recognized inhabitants on the earth.

Are Blue Whales an Endangered Species?

Sure, they've been categorized by the IUCN as “EN” (endangered), however fortunately their inhabitants is growing.

How Quick Can Blue Whales Swim?

Their common cruising velocity is round 5 mph (eight kph), but when agitated, their velocity might exceed 20 mph (32 kph).

What Sounds Do Blue Whales Produce?

This mammal emits one of many loudest animal sounds. Listen to the blue whale song here.

The place Can You Discover Blue Whales?

Blue whales are a cosmopolitan species, which suggests you possibly can them discover in all of the world’s oceans. Check out their Home Range Map.


This text was written by Mario Passoni, a marine biologist concerned in a number of tasks regarding ocean conservation and schooling. Particular because of Wayne Sentman from the Oceanic Society in addition to Thalia Martinez.

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