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Discovered all through the world’s ocean, from floor waters to the deep sea, jellyfish are a number of the most plentiful organisms within the sea. These spineless, gelatinous, historic animals have roamed Earth’s waters for lots of of tens of millions of years, and play an necessary position in marine ecosystems globally. Study extra with ‘4 Surprising Facts About Jellyfish’.

With the chance to watch a jellyfish up-close, because it gently strikes by way of the water column, one can really see the intricate but simplistic magnificence they possess. Whereas some jellyfish undoubtedly pack a strong punch, there are various species of jellyfish (and their shut kinfolk) that both don’t sting in any respect, or are principally innocent to people. From chilly waters to heat waters, listed here are 4 prime places all over the world recognized for superb alternatives to dive with jellyfish.

Prince William Sound, Alaska

Each summer time, alongside the coast of Alaska, hundreds and hundreds of moon jellyfish combination within the clear waters of Port Fidalgo in Prince William Sound. These jellyfish blooms sometimes stretch from the floor, down a whole lot of ft. With exceptional water readability, in comparison with most of the surrounding areas, divers that sink beneath the floor listed here are positive to see blue-tinted moon jellyfish so far as the attention can see – with no worries of being stung. You may be fortunate sufficient to see a purple moon jellyfish on occasion, or perhaps a bigger, predatory lion’s mane jellyfish hanging on the outskirts of the bloom. To see what this distinctive and distinctive jellyfish encounter is like, take a look at the video under!

Jellyfish Lake, Palau

Inside Eil Malk Island of Palau is among the most well-known jellyfish populations on the earth. Generally known as ‘Jellyfish Lake’, this 12,000 yr previous marine lake is house to tons of of hundreds of golden jellyfish which migrate horizontally throughout the lake every day. This lovely species has advanced to not sting, however as an alternative get their power from symbiotic algae that stay of their tissues (just like corals). Understand that scuba diving within the lake is just not allowed, so jellyfish lovers that go to right here might want to persist with the floor.

Cut up shot of a golden jellyfish in Palau’s Jellyfish Lake. Photograph By: Jesse Alpert.

White Sea, Russia

Divers that enterprise past the Arctic Circle, and slip beneath the floor of the White Sea in Russia will virtually definitely get to watch a number of totally different species of jellyfish (and their shut kinfolk). Whether or not the floor of the water is liquid or strong (ice), every season of the yr offers alternatives to dive with jellies. In the summertime, meet moon jellyfish and lion’s mane jellyfish on an extended drift dive. In autumn, winter, and spring, meet a number of intricate and delightful species of hydrozoans (shut jellyfish relations) as they pulse gracefully via the water. Yr spherical, have your macro lens prepared for assembly totally different species of stalked jellies (tiny, intricate jellyfish kinfolk that relaxation ‘the wrong way up’) and much and plenty of epic comb jellies. If planning a visit, a PADI Dry Suit Diver Certification will allow you to to remain heat and protected as you observe the unimaginable number of jellies right here.

Lucernaria quadricornis with a diver Alexander Aristarkhov
A diver gazing at a superbly intricate stalked jellyfish (Lucernaria quadricornis), hooked up to a bit of seaweed beneath the ice within the White Sea. Photograph By: Alexander Aristarkhov.

Tojoman Lagoon, Philippines

The Bucas Grande Islands, of the Philippines, is residence to the enchanting Tojoman Lagoon. This jellyfish sanctuary, and its big inhabitants of non-stinging jellyfish, brings guests from around the globe to softly dive in and be captivated by the calm great thing about the underwater surroundings right here. Tens of millions of noticed jellyfish, coated in cute little white spots, are discovered right here all year long, however the most effective time to go to is through the heat summer time months.

Jellyfish and their shut relations are available all shapes, sizes, and colours, and stay in all oceans across the globe. Whether or not you go to these epic jellyfish diving places, or discover your personal, glad diving to all you jellyfish lovers on the market!

Cowl Photograph By: Alexander Semenov

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