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Sea monsters, creatures of the deep, a supply of meals and sustenance, fantastic and charming animals… these names and extra describe the connection of whales to people.

Such marine mammals have all the time left us curious, in all probability as a result of they stay within the sea (which already in itself is a mysterious setting), but in addition as a result of they're large.

Let’s dive into the magical world of whales as a way to uncover the place to see and swim with them.

feeding whale


Whales are marine mammals. They spend their entire lives within the sea. In contrast to fish, whales don’t have gills. They need to breathe by means of a blowhole, a dorsal opening which is the equal of a nostril.

Beneath their pores and skin, there's a floor layer of fats (referred to as blubber) which permits them to face up to very low water temperatures. Their our bodies are tailored to marine life.

The form of a whale is hydrodynamic and similar to that of a fish, however their tails, for instance, are horizontal whereas the tail fins of fish (together with sharks) are vertical. Basically, whale females are barely bigger than males.

Whales are categorised into two teams: baleen whales (additionally referred to as mysticetes) and toothed whales (odontocetes).

By means of remark of the blowhole, you possibly can distinguish toothed whales from baleen whales. In reality, toothed whales (e.g. sperm whales) have a single blowhole, whereas baleen whales have two blowholes (e.g. minke whales).

Whales are migratory animals. Some whales transfer in teams (referred to as pods). Nearly all of whales spend their time within the chilly waters of the polar seas, that are filled with meals. When the water temperature turns into too stiff, whales transfer to the tropical seas, the place they provide start and mate. For instance, grey whales migrate yearly from Alaska to Mexico and again.

Eating regimen

What does a whale eat? No people for positive… ;)
Baleen whales have baleen as an alternative of tooth. The baleen is used to filter big quantities of plankton. Toothed whales feed on bigger prey comparable to fish and squid.

How typically do whales have to eat?

Usually whales feed in abundance within the chilly waters close to the poles and cease feeding once they attain heat, tropical waters for the mating interval, surviving because of the fats beforehand collected.


Have you learnt why whales sing? The sounds produced by these marine mammals are totally different from species to species. They will groan, moan, roar, sigh and emit excessive pitched squeals. They sing to navigate, to speak, to sign their presence or to warn different whales about predators.

Toothed whales are additionally in a position to make use of echolocation to navigate and discover their prey. Whereas we might not know every little thing about these large creatures and the sounds they make, what is for certain is whales are clever and really social animals. It should definitely be fascinating to seek out out the which means of those sounds.

For instance, killer whales “converse” a dialect which varies from household to household (made up of 6-7 specimens). And blue whales produce very loud sounds, that are considered heard as much as 1,600 km (1,000 miles) away!


Do you know that bats and toothed whales have one thing in widespread? No, nothing to do with vampires… Each teams use echolocation. They emit sound waves which give them with a psychological picture of their environment.

This echolocation is present in toothed whales and can be utilized to hunt at night time, in poor visibility circumstances or at nice depths the place there isn't any mild.

There's one exception: a current research has proven that humpback whales (which aren't toothed whales) emit a sound (referred to as mega-click). The emitted noise is similar to sounds utilized by dolphins during echolocation. This discovery, nevertheless, stays to be confirmed and requires additional analysis.

Sperm Whale - Underwater - New Zealand

Whale Data

  • Longevity: Bowhead whales can reside longer than different species. It's believed they will even reside as much as 200 years!
  • Largest: The blue whale can attain 30 meters (100 ft) lengthy and weighs about 200 tons, making the blue whale the most important animal that has ever existed. It’s even greater than the most important of the dinosaurs!
  • Largest coronary heart: The guts of the blue whale is as huge as a automotive and weighs virtually half a ton.
  • Unforgettable stroll: The aorta of the blue whale is so massive that a Three-year-old baby can stroll inside it.
  • Largest mind: Sperm whales have the most important brains of any animal. They will weigh as much as 9kg (20 kilos).
  • Exploring the abysses: Cuvier’s beaked whale can attain the best depths, as much as Three,000 meters (9,800 ft) throughout dives of about 2 hours.
  • The longest migration: 7 humpback whales (together with a calf) departed from Costa Rica and reached Antarctica, overlaying eight,300 kilometers (5,160 miles).
  • The most important blow: This document belongs to the blue whale at about 9 meters excessive! Keep in mind that what you see just isn't water (in any other case the whales would have water of their lungs and would have died) however water vapor, which is shaped when the chilly sea water meets the nice and cozy, exhaled air.

Half Asleep

A quite common query about cetaceans is: How do they sleep? To reply this query, we should always keep in mind that these animals stay their entire lives within the water.

For those who go to sleep within the water, what would occur? Definitely you'd danger drowning. The identical goes for whales, which in contrast to people, are acutely aware breathers. So their physique is ready to understand when the extent of oxygen within the blood is low and when it’s subsequently time to breathe.

These animals put half of their mind to sleep, leaving the opposite half acutely aware and capable of determine obstacles and risks. After a variable interval, the cetaceans get up the sleeping a part of the mind and the rest of the cerebral hemisphere. Therefore the time period “half asleep.”



Typically whales emerge out of the floor of the ocean in a vertical place, taking their head out of the water. This distinctive and fascinating conduct permits whales to watch the surface world. It’s referred to as “spyhopping”.

best places to swim with humpback whales diving

Whale Watching

Whale watching is an exercise that permits you to watch whales of their pure habitat, straight from the boat utilizing only a pair of binoculars. Such interplay with these massive mammals has been very profitable within the final half century.

There are lots of benefits to whale watching, corresponding to the potential of with the ability to admire these whales everywhere in the world and the potential of amassing knowledge about whales and their habitat. Clearly, it have to be finished significantly, and there are guidelines to comply with.

Take a look at the next assets for an inventory of the most effective locations on the earth for whale watching:

Top Dive sites in Mauritius - Sperm Whales

How you can Determine a Whale

With the ability to determine a whale within the open sea may be very difficult. For instance, the ocean might be very tough, and cetaceans might floor for just a few moments at exceptional distances.

To acknowledge them, specialists advocate to first concentrate on which whales stay in that space. On this means, the variety of prospects is restricted, and there might be fewer errors.

Then it’s necessary to guage the dimensions of the animal, which might be categorised as small, medium or giant.

Different identification parameters are the dimensions and form of the blow, the form of their dorsal fin and the form of their caudal fin (generally referred to as a fluke).

As well as, you must take note of how they dive (e.g. the motion of their fluke), to how they emerge and to how they breach (e.g. the humpback whale can leap utterly out of the water). It’s additionally necessary to notice in case your whale is solitary or dwelling in a gaggle, as a result of this behaviour can range from species to species.

blue whale

Photograph credit score: NOAA Photo Library


There are numerous hazards to the survival of whales. Sadly, virtually all of those are as a consequence of people. Over the centuries, we now have hunted whales (whaling), initially for sustenance then to make use of the oil extracted from their physique (for lamp oil, lubricants, and so forth.) after which once more for his or her meat.

No one is aware of precisely what number of have died, however it's estimated that from 1930 to 1986 50,000 have been killed per yr (2.eight million in all), and from 1986 to 2009, when whaling was monitored by the WWF, 33,561 whales have been killed. Regardless of the existence of legal guidelines towards whaling, Japan, Norway and Iceland are nonetheless searching these creatures.

Different causes of sickness and demise are:

  • International air pollution: Plastics and different chemical compounds.
  • Overfishing: Fewer meals sources for a lot of whales.
  • Fishing nets: Whales are trapped, injured and should die by drowning.
  • Noise air pollution: Extreme noise from boats can intrude with their communications, and using sonar can probably result in stranding.
  • Influence with boats: Accidents because of the impression with boats and propellers.
  • Local weather change: This could result in modifications of their organic cycle (meals, migration and copy).

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