What is Adopt a Dive Site®?


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What's Undertake a Dive Website®

Adopt a Dive Site® urges scuba diving leaders across the globe – together with dive instructors, dive facilities and resorts – to interact in ongoing, native safety and monitoring of our underwater playgrounds.

Scuba divers are passionate ocean advocates and sometimes dive the identical website recurrently. Undertake a Dive Website provides divers a method to take possession of their native dive website and be a part of the answer to attaining a clear and wholesome ocean.

What problem is it tackling? 

Seated inside Project AWARE’s flagship citizen-science program, Dive Against Debris®, Undertake a Dive Website is tailor-made to our most devoted dive leaders: members decide to finishing up month-to-month Dive Towards Particles surveys, reporting varieties and portions of marine particles discovered underwater every month from the identical location.