Why Divers Ought to Deliver a Jon Line


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what is a jon line clip

Jon Line clip - will not allow you to transfer up and down the rope.

It is one thing of a rarity outdoors of the tech diving group.

Jon Strains are helpful for anybody scuba diving from a boat or in strong currents.

Jon Strains are so simple as they're sensible.

What's a Jon Line?

A easy piece of three’ lengthy nylon webbing with some type of karabiner in a single finish and a hook the opposite. It’s dust low cost to make, weighs nothing, and may make deco or safety stops a breeze.

Initially, Jon Strains have been used solely by technical divers, for doing extended decompression stops, typically in robust currents. However over time, they've been tailored by increasingly recreational divers, too.

Some divers choose to make their very own, however Jon Strains can be bought commercially from most dive outlets. The business ones will sometimes include its personal carrying bag that may be hooked up to a BCD D-ring.

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Why do I want a Jon Line?

Whereas ascending from a dive, and needing to do a security or deco cease, scuba divers typically need to face robust currents, making it troublesome to take care of the specified place close to the boat.

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The standard method of dealing with that is for the divers to carry on to a downline or anchorline to ensure they will keep on place. However for common websites, or giant dive groups, the road can get very crowded.

If 5 or perhaps ten divers all want to take care of the identical depth for any given time. There’ll be fairly a contest for area on the road to carry on to. And holding on in a robust present can get fairly exhausting, particularly in very robust currents or for extended stops, or each.

Enter the Jon Line

A diver will take out his or her Jon Line when beginning the ascent or the cease, connect one finish to himself, and clip the hook on the opposite finish to the road.

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This enables for the diver to maneuver freely up and down the road, however always on the similar distance to the road itself. This removes the pressure of greedy on to the road, and permits for extra divers to be holding on the identical line on the similar depth.

Issues to notice when utilizing a Jon Line

A couple of necessary issues to recollect about utilizing a Jon Line: when not used, it must be securely stowed away in a pocket or comparable. So it doesn’t drag alongside the underside or the reef, and so that you don’t danger entanglement.

Additionally, the hook on the top must be giant sufficient permit any vertical motion on the downline to not yank the diver up and down. This could possibly be problematic from a DCS viewpoint.

The Jon Line is just meant to maintain the diver in the identical place in relation to the downline, to not tie her or him off on it. The depth continues to be alleged to be maintained by you utilizing your personal buoyancy skills.

The hook or karabiner that attaches to the downline also needs to be straightforward to take away if the diver instantly must free him- or herself from the downline.

Have you ever ever used a Jon Line?

With the benefits, the convenience of use, and the low value of a Jon Line, it ought to be commonplace gear for all divers who repeatedly dive from boats.

Have you ever ever used a Jon Line on a dive with robust present? Did it make the security/deco cease simpler or how did you fell utilizing it?